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Girls on rollerskates

You need to take your promotion to next level! As simple as handing out flyers, get promoters on rollerskates, to get peoples attention. Plus it will be way more fun. Have our girls on side by side skates mingling in fancy costumes at your event or company party. We have our polaroid photographer on rollerskates or have us serve cupcakes on rollerskates at your big birthday party.



Have our beautiful smiling girls welcoming your guests, check of the guestlist, be there to make sure everyone has what they need at the party, give goodie bags, serve drinks, Just making sure your guests will feel special and well taken care of.

Roaming costume

We have some super cool costumes. Our Models can roam around in your club or at your company party, will be great to entertain people. Creating something unique at your party for your guests to take pictures of or with. It is something people will remember.


Brand Models

We have talent who are happy, energetic, they are natural performers. They will create attention to your brand and help getting people interested in your company's product. If you need to hand out some samples for your new product or just an old product that needs new attention. You are having a launch party and need our talent to go out in the streets and create more awareness around it.


Shirtless butlers

Are you having a girls party, a hens party or need to not only have girls mingling at your club or event. Then we have what ladies events have been missing forever. Our shirtless Butlers!

They can come mingle and take photos with people. They can come out to your hens or birthday party and serve drinks/food, making sure you ladies just have a good time!

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